Presently, I am working on the following environmental models that will be available in future:

This model is similar to REMUS. It describes population dynamics of large mammals (herbivores and carnivores) in response to a number of cumulative effects. Advanced simulation capabilities make EcoSys more comprehensive and flexible than REMUS. While REMUS was designed specifically to predict woodland caribou population dynamics, EcoSys allows its users to simulate dynamics of wide range of species (by adjusting specific controls that determine characteristics like body weight, feeding requirements, reproductive potential, vulnerability to predation, predation efficiency, etc.) and how they respond to industrial development (habitat loss and fragmentation) and varying climatic conditions (precipitation, temperature).

Boar seeks to understand the dynamics of an invasive species (wild boar (Sus scrofa)) in Alberta (Canada) and to explore the potential methods of controlling and regulating this non-native species. It is known that control of wild boar populations is usually difficult, quite expensive and rarely can be accomplished in a short period of time. I believe that Boar will be a powerful tool in wild boar management in Alberta and potentially in other locations. The model attempts to assess how the species responds to new environmental and anthropogenic factors and how it affects the ecosystem it invades (the impact on forestry, agriculture and the integrity of wild ecosystems). Boar is based on similar principles as EcoSys and I anticipate that future merging of these two models may result in creation of a new one.

QualiAir is a simulation model that describes air pollution caused by motor-vehicle traffic in urban areas. The main goal of QualiAir is to assess how the road traffic affects air quality for the resident population. The model is based on the assumption that depending on climatic conditions (daily and seasonal) specific traffic regulations should be able to increase air quality in the area of interest. QualiAir is designed as an air quality management tool for urban landscapes.


copyrightPiotr Weclaw, 2003, 2004


copyrightPiotr Weclaw, 2003, 2004